A Visit To A Telescope Manufacturer

by DC-Corona
A Visit To A Telescope Manufacturer

Well Welcome Everyone Here I am Human And Now I am Telling You A Story About A Astronomy Enthusiast Guy and his Visit To A Telescope Manufacturer.

Sounds Good So Let`s Start The Story.

Well A Guy Who Love Astronomy And Dreams To Being A Astrophysicists, astronomer and a cosmologist to find the unknown secrets of the universe that are unknown till now.

So One Day That Guy Got The Work To Go To A Telescope Manufacturer and Take Some Record of Data and Come Back and It was a part of his internship, So Whats Amazing In It ?

Well really Nothing amazing In It,This Story Just a View OF That Visit Just By His Eyes.

So, Lets Be That Guy And Lets Go For A Visit To A Telescope Manufacturer Shop And WorkShop, Now You Are That Guy And Let`s Go Together For A visit.

Now You are Ready And To Go And He Just Taken  Steps Out From Home, And Started Dreaming Like Always do Just In a Black Pant And A blue T Shirt, And In A Very Hard Sleepy Mood In The Afternoon, Now He is  Not So much Exited To Visit He is Just thinking, What I will learn there may Be This Will be A Just Shop You Take The Records And Come Back, So In A Sleepy Mood He is just Thinking That I Will Just GO Fast And Will Come Back Home As Soon As Possible And Do rest And Sleep, So He Taken Steps To Bus Stand Slowly Slowly,

At The Bus stand, Now Waiting For The Bus But But Not Always on Time So what That Guy Do Again Started Dreaming, About Life And The Universe, And Then One Thing tickle In His Mind About Love And All That Things in A Vast infinite Universe What is That, What is Everything we See We Feel But is Their A Sense All About It Then What Is A Sense, Everything is just Messed Up All The Time When He started Thinking, Nut That Guy Also Loves A girl That Why He Started Thinking About Her And Thought What Is That Really Well We Are The Only Alive intelligent Species In The Vast universe Till Now, So Everything Or Anything We Feel Is Really unique And Amazing. So, He is A Mad Guy Almost So he Though About All That In The Vast Infinite Universe, though a billion Stars We Only Intelligent Species Alive, So The Love Is So Much unique And Feeled That He Also Need To Feel it And Some How He thought That He Has A love And How He Can Feel It Better And Fully Here And Because That Feeling Is Only Here And and Amazing To Feel It And How He Can Do Everything Better And Better To Feel Everything With Fullness and So Well Just Imagine For A second How big is Our Universe And How small We Are We Don`t Even Know What We Are Till Now From Where  We Came Fromm What Is Everything That Questions Just Kill Every-night Everyday That Guys Mind And He is Still At bus Stand waiting For The Bus And just Dreaming In His Own World, So That guy Already Realized How Much these Feelings Are Important In A Vast infinite Universe And To Take Care Of All These, And  How He Will Take Care Of All these And Everything and He Just Knows Every Feeling Needs To Be Feel Completely and With Fullness, So Now After Waiting 10 Minutes The bus Comes And he Just Come Out Of His Dreaming World And Got The Bus.

Now He Is In The Bus And Dreaming And Living in  His Own World.

Thinking Everything And Getting The importance Of Everything In That World And And Every Feeling That he Feels, Well Now He Come Out OF The Bus And Called That Telescope Manufacturer For The Address And Walking In The Streets And in A Sleepy Mood He Finally Reached At The Telescope Manufacturers Factory Or Workshop, Where manufacturer Made His Telescopes And Kits, Well On Call He Thought It Feels that by Voice That The manufacturer Is A Not So old man Almost middle Aged Around Thirty To Forty years And When He Reached At the Workshop, What He Seas There Is A Very Old Looks Around Seventy Years old and Totally looks Too much Intelligent And Have A personality like Scientists Like We See in cartoons And In Real Life As Well At That Time He thinks After Seeing The Old Man That That Is Normal Nothing Special He is Just A Telescope manufacturer and That his Job only For Money.

But While Collecting Data He Observed The Complete Room Of Old Man And He Finds Something That Makes That guy Super Charged And Super Exited And And Now There Is no sleepy Mood Anymore, What He Observed And What That Guy Sees In Old Mans Workshops Room! Think ! Again Think! What Can Make A Astronomy Enthusiast Too Much Exited On A Sleepy Day Just Think Again And Again And Guess What It Can Be?

Stay Tuned!!!!

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